“Did my driving test a few weeks ago passed first time thanks to Chris, he was calm and patient and gave you excellent feedback at the end of every lesson, wouldn’t recommend anyone else, thanks Chris”



“I’ve recently passed first time with Chris, very good instructor. He’s very good at explaining how to do something and why, always on time to your lesson and makes sure you get everything you can out of the duration of your lesson. If you’re thinking of learning to drive without a doubt go with CJR Driving School.”



“Chris is an excellent driving instructor. He is very professional, giving detailed feedback after every lesson and makes driving a pleasant experience. He is a patient, polite person and I would highly recommend!”



“Chris is an excellent instructor, calm and patient. He made driving a pleasant experience for me, helped me develop and improve my driving skills. He has a very professional approach to teaching, explaining things and giving feedback after every lesson. These reflections came quite handy during lessons. I am very grateful! Would highly recommend! Thanks Chris!”



“As someone who was anxious about learning to drive and I always thought I would struggle to pass my test, thanks to Chris I passed first time with three minors! He kept me calm and relaxed whilst encouraging me to push myself out of my comfort zone whilst being professional, polite and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons.”



“I did a couple of refresher lessons with Chris, he really helped build my confidence on the road after not driving for 7 years. Chris was encouraging, calm, relaxed and full of helpful knowledge and tips. I really enjoyed my lessons and I’d highly recommend Chris; it’s nice to have an instructor with a sense of humour too! Thank you!”


“Chris my instructor was very professional and calm. He helps you to correct errors and improve your driving. I’m a very confident driver anyway, but I felt comfortable out on drives because Chris always keeps a conversation, so it isn’t awkward. He tells you when he thinks you’re ready for a test or your theory – I.E he asks you if you think you’re ready and doesn’t put any pressure on you at all. Highly recommend!”



“Chris was a great instructor. He made me feel at ease when driving. He always asked if there was anything I wanted to work on and made driving less scary. Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor! Helped me pass first time. Would highly recommend!”



“Chris has been an incredibly patient and kind instructor. I felt very comfortable learning from him and he acted accordingly to the situations. I can say with confidence that if you want to be an excellent driver that I can recommend Chris at CJR Driving School to get you there. Very satisfied. 👍🏻”



“Very professional instructor, punctual and polite. Always supports you every lesson in great detail. Very knowledgeable and a great guy.”



“I’ve recently taken my test and passed first time with only 2 minors an excellent experience all round very professional always on time and a nice guy in general would recommend to all levels of experience.”



“I have just recently passed with Chris and i can say he is an outstanding driving instructor, he gives you confidence in yourself and adapts his learning styles to best suit you. He’s very professional and knowledgeable, and has a very calm and friendly manner perfect for new and nervous drivers, i would highly recommend him to anybody, thank you very much again, Chris!”



“Excellent teacher, helpful and informative. Helped me pass first time!”

Sam Driving Test


“I’ve recently passed my driving test with only 3 minors and ready to take the next chapter of my life at speed! (Reasonably of course 😁).
A massive thank you to Chris at CJR for showing me the way. He’s an outstanding driving instructor with an in depth knowledge on what makes a student tick and bringing the best of them out on the road. I never imagined i would pass so quick and his understanding and care for his students are the modern day approach the future of drivers need. With Chris as a driving instructor, you can expect an honest and experienced review of your understanding and current capabilities. In which he will develop you to pass (and will be honest when you are ready, for even the most eager). So thank you again Chris and wouldn’t change who taught me for the world!”

Jordan Photo.jpg

“Chris is everything you would wish for in a Driving Instructor….careful, courteous, patient, professional, punctual….thanks Chris for all your help with Alex”



“For the past 6 months I have had consistent, reliable driving lessons with Chris and they definitely helped me in being able to pass my driving test! His calm and approachable manner always put me at ease when I felt anxious, and his level of being able to explain different driving techniques was greatly appreciated. I will definitely be recommending Chris to anyone who wants to pass quickly and efficiently. Chris not only gets you to pass the test, but he gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and your driving at the end of the journey as well!”

Chelsea Photo


“Chris is an amazing driving instructor. He has patience, knowledge, techniques and honesty I’ve not seen in any other instructor before.”


“I would like to give a huge thanks to Chris for helping me pass my driving test! I was initially a nervous driver but with Chris’ patience and reassurance I was able to find learning to drive a much more rewarding experience. I passed my test first time, which I’ve no doubt was in a big part down to Chris’ guidance. I would be very happy to recommend CJR Driving School for anyone looking to take lessons in future.”



“Chris is a great instructor. Easy to get on with and very relaxed. He takes you at your own pace and explains things very simply. Taking into account weeks off for holidays I passed first time in just over 4 months, which was my goal. Very happy and would recommend to anyone.”


“I would like to thank Chris for being a fantastic instructor who was very patient and calming throughout my lessons. After being put off driving by lessons I have had in the past with other driving companies/instructors it was a breath of fresh air to have such a supportive and likeable guy teaching me. I would without doubt recommend him to anyone and can’t thank him enough for helping me pass my test.”

David Crop

“It’s been a pleasure to have had Chris as my instructor. His patience, kindness and calm nature have played a big part in ensuring I pass. He’s truly driven to see you succeed and will do whatever is needed to achieve that goal. I’d like to thank him for all he has done and recommend him to anyone seeking an instructor.”

Robert Crop

“Passed first time thanks to Chris who was a pleasure to have as an instructor. He was always patient with me and punctual to every lesson. I would highly recommend Chris as an instructor to anyone who would like to learn how to drive.”

Sarah Crop

“I would just like to take the time to thank Chris for all his hard work and patience in helping me pass my driving test. He’s a credit to your team and is an extremely nice guy, nothing was ever too much whenever I had any queries he always made sure I fully understood. He really is 10/10 and does a fantastic job, easy to talk to too and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked me about a driving instructor!”

Conor Crop

“I would just like to thank Chris for all that he has done all the hard work and patience in helping me pass. Great guy to work with made sure I understood everything and a great guy to have a laugh with especially in the times when your nervous. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to start driving. I can’t thank Chris enough for helping me pass one word comes to mind about this guy which is legend!”

Kieran Crop

“First of all, I would like to thank Chris for seeing me through to passing my test. I would wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive. An absolutely fantastic instructor who can adapt his instructing style to suit you. Chris knows exactly how to make you feel less nervous when driving and is an all-around great guy and a knowledgeable instructor. Once again thank you very much Chris, it has been a pleasure.”

Kyle Crop

“I can’t thank Chris enough, he’s a great instructor that kept me on my toes but now I’m thankful as I passed first time. I’d definitely recommend Chris to anyone.”

Abigail Crop